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Dental López


Dental López Laboratory was created in 18th of May 2005 in Ourense with the aim of contributing to improve oral healthcare about citizens from Ourense. Over the years , López Dental Laboratory has been consolidated as a highly proffesional and reliable laboratory because of the quality of products, offering professional solutions to the more complex cases and our strong bet for continuous development and innovation.


“Beautiful & Healthy Mouths, Happy People” has been become the maximum of Dental Lopez Laboratorio, along with the satisfaction of our costumers and the best personalized care to the smallest detail. This is the result between the strong collaboration with Dental Clinics, where stand out the excellent personal treatment, great vocational orientation and a strong proven work ethic.


Dental Lopez Laboratory has all proper sanitary authorisations for the fabrication of prothesis dental, maintenance and sell service of any prothesic dental, functional and esthetic, which are made with the last material of the market,  while ensuring to the odontologic professional as costumers.

Welcome to Dental Lopez Laboratorio website, we hope you to enjoy it and find it out our philosophy of working and some of proyects which we are involved. It´s a pleasure for us to receive you and hope you like our work.